Alterations & Upcycling Services

Part of our mission to contribute to the transformation of the way we consume fashion is also the age-old idea of repairing and transforming what we already have, instead of buying new items. If you like sewing, but you prefer to let others do it or if you have an idea that you feel is too complicated for you to make, bring it and we will take care of executing it for you. Whether you refuse to throw away that super-comfy pair of jeans, or you just found a bag full of old clothes that you want to transform, we can help you with a wide range of alteration and upcycling services.


  • Shortening or tightening sleeves, shortening or tightening pants, shortening or tightening skirts, shortening evening dresses or repairing broken hemlines;
  • Widening or lengthening sleeves for blouses and dresses, widening or lengthening pants in the leg or belt area, widening pants or skirts all around;
  • Replacing pants zippers, replacing jeans zippers, replacing jacket zippers or simple zipper changes for dresses and skirts;
  • Adjusting the shoulder area to make blouses, dresses and jackets smaller, improving fit for pants, blouses, skirts or jackets.

Restyling & Upcycling

  • Repairing stained or broken blouses, dresses, skirts, pants or jackets through creative solutions;
  • Transforming blouses, dresses, skirts, pants or jackets by cutting off/covering/replacing different elements that change the style (restyling);
  • Combining different pieces of clothing into a new design or repurposing one or several items to create new objects;
  • Any other crazy idea that involves transforming something which would otherwise be thrown away into a new, exciting-to-wear item.

The prices depend on the difficulty of the project.

For pricing and timing, send us a few details about what you want to adjust/upcycle, together with pictures (for more complex projects) at wiederundwider[at]