Class 5 – Pants


Sewing level required: beginner knowledge of using  the sewing machine.

Understand pants construction and learn the clothes making skills (fitting, working with patterns in relationship to the body, sewing challenging fabrics), by creating a simple pair of pants. You can choose to create a pair of lounge, casual pants, a pair of pajama pants or shorts.


  • how to work with commercial patterns;
  • how to make simple pattern adjustments for a good fit;
  • how to plan and cut the fabric for minimum waste;
  • how to work with stretchy fabrics;
  • how to attach pockets;
  • how to sew the easiest closing system;
  • how to use the most common technique for finishing stretchy fabrics (hem) to create your desired style;
  • many other things you will understand in the process.


A pair of pants created entirely by you and a the ability to recreate them at home, from different types of pants patterns, together with the confidence to advance towards intermediate difficulty projects; a professional picture with you and your project, to show your achievement.


The class consists of one session that can be either taken on a Saturday or a Sunday of your choice, between 14:30 – 20:30 (6h).

Here you can check the available dates.


95€/ 6 hours (all fabrics, tools and snacks are included). Bring a friend and you both get 15% off.

Each class has a clear step-by-step structure and a number of maximum 3 participants, in order to be able to spend individual time with each participant and have a complete understanding of the sewing process.

Join our mission by bringing your own unused fabrics. Here you can find some suggestions. If you don’t find anything to bring, there will also be a selection of fabrics to choose from, free of charge, in our studio. In order to keep our conscience (and the Earth) as clean as possible, we only work with sustainable materials. Here you can find more info.


E-mail us your desired date for this class at wiederundwider [at] Here is the complete schedule.

In order to officially reserve your spot, a 50% advance is required, payable through Bank Transfer/Pay Pal. The rest of the amount can be paid in cash, after each class.

When we have more requests than the number of spots available, the first person to make the payment would have priority.

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