Class 4 – Kimono


Sewing level required: basic knowledge of using the sewing machine.

Learn the clothes making techniques (working with simple patterns, fabric cutting, methods of sewing different surfaces) that allow you to create a unisex, size-flexible kimono blouse (you can choose to personalize your kimono into a blazer, a blouse or a kimono-dress).

Each class has a clear step-by-step structure and a number of maximum 4 participants, in order to have a complete understanding of the sewing process and to obtain by the end of the class a finished product.


  • how to read and work with simple patterns;
  • how to implement the concept of zero waste design/to find creative solutions for reusing an old garment or fabric;
  • how to work with intersections;
  • how to finish necklines/blouse openings;
  • how to use the most common technique for finishing clothes’ bottom (also known as hem);
  • many other things you will understand in the process.


A timeless kimono blouse in a flexible size and the ability to recreate it by yourself at home; a deeper understanding of fabrics in relationship to the body; a set of techniques useful for sewing other simple projects (robes, ponchos, shortening clothes, making curtains/table cloths) and the confidence to continue with more complex projects.


A one time session that can be taken on a Sunday, between 14:30 – 20:30 (6h).

Here you can check the available dates,


85€ (sewing machines, tools and snacks are included). Bring a friend and you both get 15% off.

Join our mission by bringing your own unused fabrics and clothes. Here you can find some suggestions.

There is an extra 15€ cost for working with the fabrics provided by us. In order to keep our conscience (and the Earth) as clean as possible, we only work with sustainable materials. Here you can find more info.


E-mail us your desired date & class at Here is the complete schedule.

In order to officially reserve your spot, the full payment is needed, payable through Bank Transfer/PayPal.

In case of cancellation/no-show, the advance is non-refundable and to reschedule your session the new full class amount is needed. When we have more requests for a date then the number of spots available, the first person to make the deposit would have priority.


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