Class 1 – Learn the basics


No sewing experience is required for this class.

Get introduced to the world of sewing: from learning to recognize and use different types of fabrics, to taking correct measurements, to understanding the sewing machine, this class gives you the basic knowledge you need to start sewing your own clothes and accessories.

Whether you continue learning in our classes or choose to experiment by yourself at home, this introduction will be a foundation that helps you develop a simple, practical and fun sewing style.

Each class has a number of maximum 3 participants, in order to have a complete understanding of the sewing process.


  • which are the most common types of fabrics, their properties and uses;
  • how to take correct measurements of the body;
  • how to set up and use the sewing machine and all its different functions;
  • how to quickly understand and fix sewing machine set-up issues;
  • how to sew with different types of fabrics;
  • how to make different types of stitches you will later need in your projects.


A new understanding of fabrics and the sewing techniques for approaching each type; a complete overview of how the sewing machine works and how you can use each of its functions depending on your sewing objective; a list of your complete body measurements to use in your future clothing projects; samples of different stitch types to use as a model at home.


On Wednesday between 19:00 – 21:30  or Sunday, between 11:00 – 13:30 (2,5 h).

Here you can check the available dates.


45€ (tools, fabrics and snacks are included). Bring a friend and both of you get 10% off.
More information about pricing here.

Sewing machines are provided, but if you want to learn on your own machine, feel free to bring it.


E-mail us your desired date for this class at Here you can see the complete schedule.

In order to officially reserve your spot, a 35% deposit is needed, payable through Bank Transfer.


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