Class 2 – Accessories


Sewing level required: basic knowledge of using  the sewing machine. 

Learn to creatively transform the clothes and household items or fabrics that you don’t use anymore into an accessory you need. We will create one of two simple and chic accessories: a zipper pouch or a bag. We can personalize any of them for different uses: as make-up pouch, as fanny pack, as party clutch, as day to day bag, or as bagpack.

Each class has a clear step-by-step structure and a number of maximum 4 participants, in order to have a complete understanding of the sewing process and to obtain by the end of the class a finished product.


  • how to develop a product and organize your sewing process;
  • how to select the right fabrics for your sewing goal;
  • how to attach zippers/pockets/strings;
  • how to create products with lining;
  • how to use a simple sewing technique that adds dimension to your design.
  • many other things you will understand in the process.


One zipper pouch or one bag personalized in your desired product (as make-up pouch, as fanny pack, as party clutch, as oversized day to day bag, or as bagpack) together with a set of sewing techniques which allow you to recreate the item in different design; the basic set of sewing skills which allow you to advance towards more complex projects.


A one time session that can be taken on a Thursday, between 19:00 – 22:30 (3,5 h). Bring a friend and both of you get 10% off.

Here you can check the available dates.


55 EUR (sewing machines, tools and snacks are included)
More information about pricing here.

Join our mission by bringing your own unused fabrics and clothes. Here are some suggestions.

There is an extra 10 EUR cost for working with fabrics provided by us. In order to keep our conscience (and the Earth) as clean as possible, we only work with sustainable materials. Here you can find more info.


To book your class, e-mail us your desired date for this class at Here you can see the complete schedule.

In order to officially reserve your spot, the full payment is needed, payable through Bank Transfer/PayPal.

In case of cancellation/no-show, the advance is non-refundable and to reschedule your session the new full class amount is needed. When we have more requests for a date then the number of spots available, the first person to make the deposit would have priority.


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