Do you already know how to use the sewing machine and have a repair, alteration or upcycling project in mind? Then rent a sewing machine in our atelier!


You book a machine, you bring your project and you start sewing it freely. This means you already know how to use the sewing machine, you have an idea you want to work on and a plan on how to realize it.


You can rent a straight stitching sewing machine (normal machine) or a home overlocking machine (for stretch & finishing edges) in our atelier. Our tailor will be on site, working on her own projects, but happy to help you in case you have technical issues with the machine or equipment.


The threads, scissors, chalk, measuring tapes, measuring tools and other such utensils you might need are included. 


In case you need it, you can find in our studio sustainable fabrics, clothes pieces, bands, straps, belts, closing systems, finishing systems that can sparkle your creativity. These can be purchased for an extra cost.

There is a minimum of 2 hours required for booking a machine. 

In order to officially reserve your spot, a 50% deposit is needed, payable through Bank Transfer. The rest of the amount can be paid in cash, at the location, in the day of the class. If you prefer to make the entire payment through Bank Transfer, there is also the possibility to pay the full amount in advance.


E-mail us your desired date and time interval at

The Freestyle Sewing Monday is destined just for repairs, upcycling and adjustment projects. For creating pieces of clothing from scratch, it is recommended to take one of the group or private classes.