Wieder & Wider (Again & Against) is a project looking for sustainable approaches to fashion through creative use and reuse of resources.


We offer sewing classes in English that teach you the sewing skills and the understanding of clothes making needed to create your own classic pieces and to repair, restyle or upcycle the clothes already found in your closet.

We believe than once you get introduced to sewing, a new world of creative possibilities opens up in front of you. Your clothes are no longer easily disposable objects, but rather a playground for new ideas. What you no longer like you can reinvent, what is broken you can repair, with what is unused you can recreate. In this process, your relationship to clothing becomes more intimate – you can understand clothes in more detail, you can recognize fabrics and sewing quality. And to every piece you create, repair or upcycle, you add a little part of yourself.

Our mission is to retie the relationship between us and our clothing. We want us all to choose clothes with the same care we would choose a partner. Because clothes are our second skin, our allies in the busy and demanding times we live. And just like in a love relationship, once boredom sets in, we wouldn’t dump our partner, bur rather work on reinventing the relationship and ourselves. And in the end, that is much more rewarding and meaningful than always hunting for the new, perfect match. Because with people, as with clothing, the beauty lies in rediscovering ourselves through the other.


  • small organic pieces of leftover fabrics, which usually cannot be used by bigger designers and producers;
  • small pieces of fabric procured from flea markets or brought by you;
  • curtains, bed covers, tablecloths which because of small damage cannot be used as initially intended – instead, we cut and reuse them for clothes & accessories;
  • second hand clothes in perfect condition, considered out of fashion or discarded because the owners don’t feel like wearing them anymore.


Cristina Tatar, Tailor & Sewing Trainer

Cristina was trained as a women’s tailor at Salomeia Truta Fashion Institute in Bucharest and has been offering ever since custom tailoring, adjustments & upcycling services. In Berlin she has been working as a project-based assistant for KUOTURE.

Before getting into sewing, Cristina has worked in advertising – this experience shifted her perspective towards sustainability in fashion and life in general.

Cristina is also a former co-founder of the brand CristinaCristina.

At the moment, Cristina is based in Berlin, where she is dedicating her time to the Wieder & Wider project, while also playing with a new line of upcycled clothing.