Who is training you?

Cristina Tatar, Tailor & Sewing Trainer


Cristina was trained as a women’s tailor at Salomeia Truta Fashion Institute in Bucharest and has been offering ever since custom tailoring, adjustments & upcycling services. During the last year, she has been working in Berlin as a project-based assistant for KUOTURE.

Before getting into sewing, Cristina has worked in advertising – this experience shifted her perspective towards sustainability in fashion and life in general. Another big influence to Cristina was her friend, Cristina Z., with whom Cristina co-founded the former brand CristinaCristina.

At the moment, Cristina is based in Berlin, where she is dedicating her time to the Wieder& Wider sustainable sewing classes, while also offering adjustments & upcycling services. Besides that, a first line of sustainable clothing is slowly but surely developing.

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