Bringing Your Own Fabrics

If you are like most humans, you probably have at home at least one box with things you don’t use anymore, but which YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU MIGHT. Well, the time has come to bring the box up from the basement and look for clothes, household items or fabrics which you can use during our classes:

Accessories Class

During this class we will learn to make a bag and/or a pouch. Here are the recommended fabrics/clothes:

FOR THE POUCH – clothes/thicker fabrics that can be worn outdoors like jeans, workers’ jumpsuits, non-stretchy pants; For fanny pack customization we would also need a buckle.

FOR THE BAG- waterproof jackets, denim jackets, thicker drapery, tablecloths or bed covers or at least 50 x 100 cm of canvas, denim or cotton woven fabric. For the bagpack customization we would also need around 10 cm velcro.

All products require lining . Recommended for lining: old bed sheets, shirts, T-Shirts, or any piece of thinner fabric that is the same size as the outer part of your product.

Skirt Class

Bring any curtain, blanket, bed cover, poncho, a fabric you inherited from your grandmother or any interesting piece of not see-through fabric. The ideal dimension should be at least 150 cm long for a short/midi skirt. IT SHOULD BE WOVEN FABRIC (NOT-STRETCHY).

Kimono Blouse

Bring any piece of thinner fabric, that falls on the body: it can be a bed sheet you don’t use anymore, a piece of thin cotton or a fabric with a more silky feel. It should be at least 150 cm long for a blouse length. For a classic kimono/dress kimono a 200 cm would be recommended.

If you prefer to upcycle and create a patch-work kimono, an idea is to use shirts or thin blouses with similar fabrics. We will need to have enough clothes to cut 16 A4 pieces – so you can test at home with a piece of paper. This may change, though, the duration of the project.

Pants Class

Bring a piece of fabric of at least 250 x 130 cm. If you are tall and want to make long pants, it would be recommend that the length of the fabric is 300 x 100 cm. IT SHOULD BE A KNITTED FABRIC (STRETCHY). A non see-through jersey would be the best option.

Dress Class

For this project we can use any fabric that is not see-through and which is comfortable enough to the touch that it doesn’t require lining. STRETCHY KNITTED FABRICS make it easier to obtain the right fit, so we recommend you to bring a jersey or anything that stretches easily. Bring a fabric of at least 150 x 130 cm for midi dresses in small sizes and at least 200 x 130 for long dresses. If you have a bigger size (XXXL) a recommended fabric size would be 250 x 130.

Not sure if what you are bringing is suitable for the project? Take some pictures and e-mail them to us. We’ll guide you in choosing the right option: wiederundwider [at]

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